Deliverable D2.2 “Report on selected evaluation indicators

Deliverable 2.2 “Report on selected evaluation indicators” is a public document of the BioSFerA project, delivered in the context of WP2 “Definition of full value chain” and it is an output of the Task 2.2 “KPIs definition”.

Deliverable D2.1 Stakeholders requirements and market needs

Within this document, the identification of the stakeholders has been performed and a series of questionnaires has been developed in order to define their requirements and specifications, emphasizing on the potential benefits that BioSFerA project should bring to the fore.

Deliverable D1.2 Data Management Plan (first version)

This deliverable is the first version of the BioSFerA Data Management Plan and comprises the way that research data is handled during and after the project, what data will be collected, processed or generated, the methodology & standards to be applied and the kind of data sharing. Moreover, the methodology of how data will be shared and/or how to make them available to users is also presented.

Deliverable D2.3 Analysis of selected feedstock

Within this document, the feedstock selection and characterization of the BioSFerA project takes place. The feedstock selection was based on the fulfilment of three main prerequisites: availability/sustainability i.e. capacities for large scale applications, favourable technical characteristics for good performance at the integrated BioSFerA system and market competitiveness.