Biofuels production from Syngas FERmentation for Aviation and maritime use

Setting the course for sustainable aviation and marine fuels

Aviation and marine transport have a direct effect on global greenhouse gas emissions and air quality. BioSferA project mitigates this impact through the development of innovative and high performing biofuels. The project is funded by European Unions’ Horizon 2020 research program.

Project Objectives

The BioSFerA project aims to validate a combined thermochemical – biochemical pathway to develop cost-effective interdisciplinary technology to produce sustainable aviation and maritime fuels.

At the end of the project at least two barrels of Hydrotreated TAGs will be produced as next generation aviation and maritime biofuels.

  • BioSFerA addresses current policy target related to climate change and environmental protection

  • BioSFera develops a cost-effective and versatile value chain with favourable conditions for profitable investments around Europe


GHG emissions reduction


Land use reduction


Total Carbon conversion

up to 60%

Reduction of production cost compare to other technologies

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