Pilot Process

Scaling-up the integrated syngas fermentation pilot process

One of the main objectives in BioSFerA is the scale-up activity of the syngas fermentation process, resulting in a final pilot plant at TRL5: the syngas produced via gasification is integrated with the fermentation unit for the acetate production. The whole pilot scale plant is the result of in-depth analyses and interdisciplinary research, whereby the involvement of the whole Consortium with risk assessment and HAZOP (Hazard and operability study) analysis, as well regulation evaluation and lab-scale analysis for the treatment parameter’s optimisation.
Cost-benefits and sustainability analysis will be also performed to provide a final cost-effective technology for the biofuels production, as designed by the BioSFerA’s model.

How the pilot process is designed?

VTT and BBEPP are directly involved with the operational parameter’s optimisation and design of the gasification and the mobile fermentation units respectively. The overall integration activity will take place at the VTT Bioruukki site, where the syngas process is located. Complementing this, the TAG extraction and purification will be led separately at BBEPP premises, but always considering large scale conditions.

Gasification unit

Mainly composed by a dual fluidized bed gasifier, hot-gas filter and reformer unit. Ultra-cleaning units are added in the pilot scale process to better control the impurities concentrations and minimize operational risks.

Fermentation unit

First type of mobile pilot: a fermentation unit designed and built with 3 fermenter vessels up to 150 litres, 2 industrial gas feeds, a built-in H2 generator and gas recycling system.

Pilot scale process progress